• Sodium hypochlorite-based bleach products (‘chlorine bleach’) can be very effective at removing tough stains from white fabrics.

  • Chorine bleach will whiten laundry items that have yellowed.

Ohutu kasutamine

  • Hoida lastele kättesaamatus kohas.
  • Vältida silma sattumist. Silma sattumisel loputada rohke veega.
  • Mitte alla neelata. Allaneelamise korral pöörduda arsti poole.
  • Mitte segada kokku teiste toodetega.
  • Säilitada ainult originaalpakendis.

Säästev kasutamine

  • Bleach additives can be added into the washing machine. Oxygen-based bleach additives are normally added to the main wash and chlorine-based bleaches can be added in before the final rinse cycle.

  • If you are using a chlorine-based bleach additive in your laundry, do not use fabric softener.

  • Do not add bleach directly into the machine drum as it may damage your clothes.

  • Always read the care label on your garment before using bleach.

  • Always read the product label and follow the instructions to achieve best results. For coloured garments, use a bleach product that is not chlorine based.