Cleanliness & hygiene

A clean house and good hygiene habits at home make all the difference to our health and wellbeing. 

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Key advice

Clean sustainably

Cleaning in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way is a joint effort, because it matters both how the cleaning products are made and how you use them. Find out more about how the industry is working to make cleaning products more sustainable and how you can do your part.

Use products safely

It is safe to use detergent and cleaning products at home, by following the instructions for use on the label, and storing them out safely and out of reach of children. As with any chemical product, a certain degree of precaution is always necessary guides you on how to use and store your cleaning products safely.

Someone ill at home?

This general guidance provides good hygiene advice in case someone is ill in your household. Adequate guidance should always be sought from your medical practitioner who will advise you in case-specific measures need to be taken based on the illness in question.

Break the chain of infection

Our homes are full of microbes that are mostly harmless and some are essential for our health, but it’s important to know when and how harmful microbes can spread, and to act promptly to break the chain of infection at those moments - discover the nine key moments to act.

Always read the label

How often have you heard the advice to always read the label? Labels are there to help you use a product safely and effectively and, for cleaning products which can contain hazardous ingredients, they convey a lot of useful and important information. So next time you pick up a cleaning product, don’t ignore the label.

What about plastic?

Many detergents and cleaning products, especially liquid formulas, come in plastic packaging. It’s hard to think of another container that is as robust and light, doesn’t leak and is easy to handle and dispense the contents from. So how can packaging, including plastic packaging, be more sustainable?