Storing detergents and maintenance products in a safe place becomes really important when you have young children at home, especially toddlers when they start to crawl. Here is some important advice to keep them safely away from children, but still easily accessible to you when you are doing the laundry, the dishes or cleaning your home.

Remember these rules to prevent children from getting hurt

  1. Keep them out of reach of children.
  2. Store them high up or in locked cupboard
  3. Keep them in their original packaging
  4. Always close the pack

Keep out of reach of children

What’s most important is to store detergents and maintenance products so that children cannot reach them.

High storage is best

Never leave the pack or bottle on the floor or on top of the washing machine or dishwasher. Ideally, place it in an overhead cupboard or on a high shelf, for example right above the washing machine or the kitchen sink.


Use a child safety lock

If this is not possible and you have to store them in a low cupboard, the doors should be equipped with a child safety lock. This cupboard door must never be left open, not even while you’re filling the washing machine or the dish washer. Small children are surprisingly quick!


Store the product safely and avoid confusion

Children need to be protected from dangerous confusion so remember never to store detergents and maintenance products together with personal care products, food, beverages, kitchenware, dishes or cutlery.

Keep the products in their original packaging so you have the on-pack safe use instructions and warnings at hand. Never use old food packs as a container for detergents.

Make sure the original pack is always properly closed. Specific products are delivered with a child-resistant packaging; make sure to close them back tightly. Turn the nozzle of trigger sprays to ‘off’ when you’re not using them.


Keep caps from kids

If you use liquid laundry detergent capsules, take special care to close the box again right away, close the door of the machine and put the box out high up out of sight and reach of children. Visit to find out more.

In case of emergency

Keep the number of the Poison Control Centre where you can easily find it, in case a child has got hold of a product.

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