• Hygiene and cleanliness are particularly important in the toilet. Rim blocks and toilet bowl cleaners keep the toilet fresh and clean and free from unpleasant odours.

  • They help prevent and remove limescale and rust marks.

  • Liquid cleaners are often viscous so they stick to the vertical surfaces until the dirt or limescale is removed.

  • Rim blocks can be attached to the rim of the lavatory bowl and dispense liquid or solid compositions directly into the bowl with each flush, also providing a fresh scent.

  • There are two types of toilet cleaners: bleach-based and acid-based: both have good hygienic and cleaning properties.

  • Acidic cleaners are particularly targeted at dissolving deposits such as limescale and urinary calculus.

  • Some toilet cleaners also disinfect your toilet to eliminate any harmful microbes.

Safe use

  • Keep away from children.

    This icon was officially endorsed by the United Nations in mid 2019 and included in the GHS Sub-committee guidelines (Globally Harmonized System of classification and labelling of chemicals).

  • Keep away from eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse thoroughly with water.

Sustainable use

  • Choose products that have the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logo on their label, this indicates that you are choosing a product that meets strict sustainability criteria.

  • Do not use bleach-based and acidic toilet cleaners at the same time – it could cause a harmful chemical reaction. Read the label carefully.

  • Liquid toilet cleaners are often viscous and adhere to the side of the toilet bowl until the dirt or limescale is removed. Ceramic surfaces are not harmed by bleach or acidic products, so each can be applied and left for several hours to work on tougher types of dirt.

  • If someone is ill in the household and there is a risk of the infection being spread, then the toilet should be disinfected to eliminate the spread of harmful micro-organisms.

  • With regular use, disinfectants provide hygienic cleaning and some will also prevent the formation of limescale, while keeping the toilet fresh and fragranced.